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Unicon-Douglas Consulting is a management consulting and business services company that provides Financial Advisory, Management Consulting, Business Process Services and Corporate Web Strategy for small and mid-size companies in the Philippines. Founded in 1997, it has become an indispensable business ally to several growing enterprises from various industries in the country. From Telecommunications to Construction, Food Retail, Contact Centers & Shipping, Financial Services & Export Manufacturing companies, it has become a vital part to its client's corporate history - in good times or bad. "We understand, we advise & we enable our clients to reach their maximum potential and increase their enterprise value through honest and honorable means."

"We commit ourselves to the prosperity of our clients - knowing that our own prosperity is closely linked with theirs. We grow by growing our client's businesses. We live by dreaming our client's dreams." As is quoted from its Mission Statement.

The goal of every Unicon-to-client engagement is the increase in the client's enterprise or business value via a professional business managementand the introduction of innovative and effective business solutions to run and sustain businesses. The results may come through increased revenues, lowered operating costs, expanded or streamlined strategy, continuity of business, stronger cash flow or the combination of all aforementioned results. Unicon-Douglas remains unique because its main product is the success result that its clients enjoy and not the services for which they pay for.

Unicon-Douglas Consulting, an ally to your growing business enterprise